Terms of use

Terms of use & disclaimer

Using AirTrackPro, you agree that the datas related to your flgiht are sent to the servers of the company NETWORK ADS-B (Address: 2 RUE OAK MORAND 35510 CESSON SEVIGNE - FRANCE) for technical purposes, for the operation of the application but also for enrichment of their databases informations.

You agree that your datas will be used to warn other pilots using the app on your geographic presence in airspace

You agree that your datas are visible on the Internet in real time at adress: http://app.radarvirtuel.com/ or http://mg.adsbnetwork.com/lgps/

Your datas will be kept one month and you could get your tracks at this same address.

AirTrackPro is a program whose objective is the improvement of the aerial security particularly in light aviation;

The goal is to collect aircrafts in flight to display them on a map in real time and prevent as much as possible the risk of collision.

Not in any case AirtrackPro displays aircrafts exhaustively; Mode C, S transponders are not yet visible.

Traffic control should not be based on AirTrackPro

AirTrackPro is an assistance and safety tool, using it, you agree to be in your ability to perform flight safely and in compliance with regulations without his help.

What Airtrackpro is not:

  • A Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) displaying all aircraft
  • A replacement for an instrument that you do not have in the plane
  • An instrument recognized by the aviation authorities


  • Can not be considered responsible for misuse
  • Can not be considered responsible for an accident due to incorrect information or latency
  • Can not be considered responsible for a malfunction, discontinuity of services

The User agrees not to use AirTrackPro for a purpose other than use in the aeronautical sector, and in particular this application is for pilots looking to increase their safety in flight.

It is clear that in the case of use of the application to watch planes from the ground, follow a person in flight from the ground, or other, the user must select Type> Operator in the Menu 'Flight Info' , this to distinguish objects flying to non-flying objects.

The trial version will expire 30 days after installation, you must then register and pay online to subscribe, this by clicking to 'Subscription' button on the home page of the application.

The price of subscription is €74.95/year or €7.95/month , including all features.

Beyond the trial, and without a valid subscription, you will get only the 'Tracking' feature, namly the sending of flight datas to the server in real time with the ability to recover your track after the flight; you will not benefit from the "Radar" and will not see the traffic.

Credits for datas ads-b only: http://www.adsbnetwork.com/
N° Autorisation CNIL: 1966204v0

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