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Try right now AirTrackPro Android app (Pricing: 30-day free trial then €5/month)

Application is free 30 days then 5€ for 1 month activation

This application allows any pilot up to 3,000 feet above ground and more, to share his position, and to know the position, direction, altitude difference from other aircraft using this application as well as aircraft equipped with ADS-B transponder out and FLARMs (Europe coverage) and moving close in a predefined bubble
A data connection 4G, H +, 3G, EDGE is required for communication with the data server

The application is designed to increase flight safety and security by creating an interconnected real-time network

On the ground you can use the application as an observer; To prevent automatic recentering when moving the map, select:> Navigation display mode>North up

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Install AirTrackPro on your tablet or your smartphone, take a flight and become visible immediately to other users AirtrackPro!



  • Fly simultaneously with fellow pilots and follow their positions




  • Set your proximity alerts (altitude separations, perimeters)
  • Watch surrounding traffic to avoid risk of collision
  • Signal yourself




  • Share your flight with your friends, family or operation
  • Last position recorded in case of accident
  • Live tracking from the ground 


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Limitation: Operating only in mobile coverage area up to 3000 feet above ground and more depending on your mobile, operator, location

Icon valid Suitable for any type of light aircraft

Icon valid Aircrafts with no transmitter devices to become visible

Icon valid Ideal for not controlled terrain approaches or airport area

Icon valid Predictive smart Algorithm of collision risk

Icon valid Actives lights in case of transient difficult communication or signal loss

Icon valid Eco mode with automatic alarm in case of risk

Icon valid Help for operations in degraded visual environment

Icon valid Altitude correction

Icon valid Optimized development for power saving

Icon valid Battery usage: Up to 5 hours of flight time with the app in background

Icon valid Data volumes are low: less than 10Mo/Hour in Eco Mode


Please note that this software is not intended to replace a certified traffic control instrument
It does not exempt in any way to monitor the traffic outside